Mohiniattam for Beginners Part-1

Learn Basic Movements, Charis, Aandolikas

Instructed by Divya Warrier
About instructor

Divya Warrier

Divya is an accomplished dancer who has dedicated her life to practicing and promoting Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam. Having undertaken several programs to showcase these art form...
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Course overview

Learn the foundation of Mohiniattam with Divya Warrier. In this course, you will understand the Classical Dance of Mohiniattam using vocabulary, shlokas, and techniques.

Course Details
  • Instructor: Divya Warrier
  • Total number of of lessons- 4
  • Access valid for 6 months ( from the date of purchase )
  • This course is designed to build a foundation in Mohiniattam
Curriculum for this course
4 Lessons
Part 1
4 Lessons
  • Episode 1- History, its origin and traditions

    History, its origin and Traditions

  • Episode 2- Basic movements

    Evolution of Mohiniattam, Gurus, Basic movements

  • Episode 3- Adavus, Hand and Body movements

    Adavus, Hand and body movements, and usage

  • Episode 4- Vandana, Charis and Aandolikas

    Vandana, Mythological relevance, Basics-Adavus, Charis and aandolikas

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  • 4 Lessons