Welcome to our self-paced programs in theater! Whether you’re a budding actor, aspiring director, writer, or someone with a passion for the performing arts, our courses are designed to help you explore and develop your skills in various aspects of theater. Join us on this exciting journey of self-discovery and creative expression.

Kala Swadhyaya - Theatre

Acting For Beginners: In this foundation course in acting and expression, we invite aspiring actors to delve into the art of performance. Through a series of modules, you will learn the fundamental techniques and principles of acting. From body language and voice modulation to character analysis and emotional depth, you will develop the tools necessary to bring characters to life on stage. Join us as we explore improvisation, script analysis, and scene work, allowing you to discover your unique acting style and build a strong foundation for your acting career.

Theatre Direction For Beginners: Are you interested in the behind-the-scenes magic of theater? Our foundation course in theater direction is designed to introduce you to the art of directing and play designing. Learn about the key responsibilities of a director, including casting, blocking, stage design, and working with actors. Through practical exercises and case studies, you will gain insights into the creative process of bringing a play to life. this course will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to take your first steps as a theater director.

Speech, Voice & Articulation for Beginners The course has an applied approach of teaching the concepts, the trainer himself will be doing various exercises to make it easy to understand & most importantly adequate time will be given to participants to actually do the exercises while watching the course so that whatever is being taught & learnt can be executed & understood at that time only.By practicing alongside the trainer, you will be able to execute and comprehend the techniques in real-time, solidifying your understanding and building your skills effectively.

Creative Writing for Beginners: Unleash your creativity and explore the world of storytelling with our foundation course in creative writing. From crafting compelling narratives and developing relatable characters to mastering the art of dialogue and understanding story structures, this course covers the essentials of creative writing. Through a combination of writing exercises, workshops, and feedback sessions, you will develop your unique writing voice and learn techniques to captivate readers.

Step into the world of ancient Indian theater with our course on Sanskrit theatre. Explore the historical and cultural significance of Sanskrit drama, its unique elements, and the philosophical concepts underlying its performances. Through engaging lessons and practical exercises, you will gain an understanding of the Sanskrit dramatic traditions, including stagecraft, characterization, and storytelling techniques. This course offers a fascinating insight into the classical roots of theater and provides a platform for cross-cultural exploration and appreciation.

Poetry For Beginners: Discover the beauty and power of poetry through our foundation course in poetry. Explore the evolution of poetry across different cultures and time periods, from classical forms to contemporary styles. Learn about poetic devices, rhythm, meter, and the art of wordplay. Through guided writing exercises and analysis of renowned poets, you will develop your poetic voice and experiment with various forms and themes. This course is designed for both aspiring poets and those who simply wish to appreciate and engage with the rich world of poetry.