About WFAC

Who are we? 

Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's vision of a stress-free, violence-free society & to spread a smile on every face, the World forum for art and culture was founded in September 2020. Instituted under the umbrella of the global NGO, The Art of Living, WFAC aims to bring art learners, lovers & enthusiasts from all parts of the world to learn, perform, and teach diverse art forms. Our vision is to celebrate the diversity of our global family.

We are rooted in the Indian tradition of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' -'One World-One Family'!

What do we do? 

WFAC is a unique platform where you can learn, perform or teach!

 Whether you are a beginner or a veteran,   WFAC provides a variety of options for everyone to learn & excel.

How are we related to WCF? 

World Culture Festival,2016 (WCF) became a voice for thousands of global artists and brought millions together to celebrate & dream for a more peaceful co-existence. The Art of Living’s effort to bring people together through the World  Forum for Art &Culture (WFAC) is one of its many initiatives to uplift humanity and make life a celebration. 

Courses, Workshops & Masterclasses

Courses Offered

  • What courses do we offer?

We offer diverse courses based on  Art, Music, Dance, and Theatre.

Mode of teaching

  • Where will the class be held? 

Given the current situation, our workshops are conducted online. 

  • Do we have any offline classes? 

In the future, we intend to launch offline classes.

  • How can one learn online? 

Learning can never be limited to space, age, medium, religion, or gender. All courses including masterclasses and workshops have been designed by the WFAC team in a lucid yet comprehensive manner. The programs enhance creativity, self-confidence, and communication skills and improve cognition. The instructors are experts in their fields and the quality of teaching is regularly monitored by WFAC.


  • After registration, what's my next step? 

  1. Register for the course you are interested in:

  2. Get an automated receipt on the registered email address.

  3. Get the login details on Email & WhatsApp. (usually a day before the start date)

  • When will I get the details of joining the courses?

  1. Once you register successfully you will receive a mail from RazorPay about your payment confirmation.

  2.  You will receive a mail with joining details  3 days before the course starts.

  3.  If you have registered in the last 2 days before the course starts, you will get the mail on the day when the course starts.

  • I have made the payment but I haven’t received any confirmation. What are the next steps?


Kindly send a snapshot of your payment confirmation to [email protected] along with details of the course you have registered for. We will get back to you in 24-48 hours once you have sent the email.

  • Cannot make payment/ getting failed payment. How should I register for the workshop?

 Please send a mail with a failed registration snapshot to [email protected] and we will respond with the solution.

  • I registered for a different course by mistake. How to change the course?

No requests for change in the course shall be entertained on the day the course begins.

Only with at least one-day prior intimation to us, we can change the course without any refund. (in case there is a difference in course fees)

You can request a change in the course by writing to us at  [email protected] 

Other details 

  1. Will I get a certificate? 

We provide certificates only for our Foundation courses. For short-term courses, please check with the WFAC coordinator.

  1. Will I  get video recordings? 

No, attending the class live is mandatory for short-term and foundation courses. 

We will inform you beforehand if we are providing video recordings (exceptional cases).

We provide reference material tutorial videos.

  1. Can I connect with the teacher (before/during/after)?

You can interact with your teacher only during live classes. For other queries, issues, and communication, the WFAC coordinators will assist you.


  1. Can I get a  demo class? 

For workshops, we don’t offer any demo classes.

  1. Are timings mentioned in IST(Indian Standard Time)? Are there any special batches for US/UK?

Timings are mentioned in IST and batches will run accordingly.

For US/UK students, morning or afternoon IST timings are more suitable, kindly check timings before registration.