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Jhankriti 2023

About Jhankriti

The World Forum for Art and Culture's quest for finding and promoting talent has found a beautiful expression in an exquisite art festival called – झंKriti (A word born from the union of the words - Jhankaar & Sanskriti). While it is designed like a competition, it truly is a festival- a festival to celebrate the diversity of Indian classical art forms!

Jhankriti is a unique platform for young artists and students of classical music and dance forms to showcase their talent. Our aim is to encourage and appreciate the fresh talent and upcoming artists and to provide opportunities for professional growth and interactions with Maestros of Indian Arts.

The Festival of Jhankriti, celebrates the four fields of Art - Gayaan (classical/semi-classical vocal), Vadan (instrumental/percussion), Nritya (classical dance forms), and Natya (theatre). We have structured this in three broad age groups: Below 12 years, 12 to 16 years, and 17 to 21 years.


1.Hindustani Classical
2.Carnatic Classical
3.Devotional Vocal
4.Light Classical
Classical Dance Forms
Group Folk Dances as per the zone
5.North East
6.Central India
1.Ek Paatri
Prizes upto 35 lakhs*

*in cash and kind

Last date of registration for Jhankriti 2023 30th June

How is it different?

· It is a classical arts online competition with the intent to promote Indian classical music amongst the masses via the strong reach of Gurus, Institutions, Art of Living, and other organisations

· Awards include Cash prizes, and opportunities to intern under Great Maestros, to perform at AOL events, and also be a part of the dance and music recordings.

· A unique platform that combines classical and semi-classical vocals, classical dance, and classical instrumental music

Event Structure

Auditions will be conducted online

Semi-Finals will be conducted online

Grand Finale will be held online

The award ceremony will be held offline

Important Dates:
Last date of Registration:30th June, 2023
* Pre-screening: 1st - 20th July, 2023
Semi-finalists will be declared: 1st August, 2023
Last date to submit entries for the finale: 30th August, 2023
Finalists will be informed: 15th September, 2023
Grand Finale: 1st - 15th October, 2023
The awards ceremony will be held offline* (tentatively in Jan 2024)

* Dates are fluid depending on the availability of the Ministry Officials and the Jury.

Jhankriti Finale

Jhankriti Award Ceremony in January 2024, will be followed by a sublime evening devoted to the recognition of the talent unearthed in the completion, even as the maestros regale the audience with their artistic mastery. The evening will comprise the following parts:
1.Performances by the eminent jury
2.Performances by winners
3.Award ceremony

Jhankriti viewership

Jhankriti will be presented to the global Art of Living community of 45 million people in 180 countries. A community that came together to participate in and witness, one of its kind global event-World Culture Festival, 2016 with 2.8 Million+ artists joining to create 12 Guinness World Records. In addition to this, the powerful social media presence of our jury has increased the viewership of the event, attracting millions of art lovers across the globe.

A Glimpse of Jhankriti Journey

Jhankriti 2022

Jhankriti 2022 was the first-ever pan India Virtual Online Competition of Performing Arts. The Festival of Jhankriti celebrated three fields of Art:
1. Gayan (classical/semi-classical vocal)
2. Vadan (instrumental/percussion)
3. Nritya (classical dance forms).
It was structured for three broad age groups: below 8 years, 8 to 16 years, and 17 to 25 years.
Jhankriti 2022 Launch
Jhankriti 2022 Teaser
Semi- finals


Sl.No Date Stage Description
1 Upto 15th August - 2022 Registration Participants submit their entry videos
2 Upto 30th August, 2022 Pre-Screening Registered participants are pre-screened and shortlisted by a panel of 50 member pre-screening jury
3 Upto 15th September, 2022 Screening Shortlisted participants are evaluated and selected for the semi-final round by 11 member screening jury of expert artists
4 30th August- 15th September, 2022 Masterclass Webinars All pre-screened participants will get a chance to attend a free masterclass webinars by 45 WFAC distinguished mentors
5 15th September, 2022 Semi-Finalist Selection Official Announcement of the names of the selected sem-finalist
6 16th September-1st October, 2022 Mentoring of Semi-Finalist Semi-finalists get a chance to be mentored by the 10 member mentor jury which will help the candidates prepare for the final round submission
7 10th October, 2022 Final Round Submission Last date for the Semi-finalist to submit their entries
8 Between 20th to 25th October, 2022 Finalist Selection Official Announcement of the names of the selected finalist
9 2nd, 3rd, and 4th November - 2022 Finale Live on zoom in the presence of the mentors and star jury. The finalist will perform live online
10 December, 2022 Award ceremony The awards ceremony will be held at the International Headquarters of the Art of Living in Bengaluru, India

Jury– Jhankriti 2022

Jhankriti is an all-India competition aimed at preserving and promoting Indian classical art forms. This celebration has an esteemed panel of judges to not only critique but also encourage and support younger generations, inspiring them to continue their creative journey. We have different jury members for each category in Dance (Nritya), Instrumental music (Vaadan), and Vocal music (Gayan). Our distinguished dignitary and jury panel who will grace the occasion with their presence are:


Slide instrumentalist

Chitravina Ravikiran ji, is an Indian slide instrumentalist, vocalist, composer,and orator, who created the concept of Mel harmony.


An internationally acclaimed flutist of India, a rare combination of an innovator and a traditionalist. He is a versatile artist whose horizons also extend beyond North Indian Classical music to Indian folk and popular music and to western music as well

Carnatic Vocal

Smt. Sudha Raghunathan is the gaan saraswati of the carnatic musical tradition, with a bhakti-drenched voice that has touched the souls of millions around the world.


Bharatnatyam exponent, Research Scholar, Choreographer, Music Composer, Singer, Teacher, Author, and Indologist. Director- Nrityodaya. Aims to Bring together the Marga (traditional) technique of the Natya Shastra and the Regional form of Bharatnatyam.

Hindustani vocal

Pt. Sajan Mishra, is a Hindustani vocal maestro whose voice takes us from the tangible earthiness of the spiritual city of Banaras to the intangible grandeur of the ragas.

Carnatic Vocal

An Indian classical vocalist, known for her expertise in the Carnatic and Hindustani schools of classical music


Kathak dancer, choreographer, and educator of Indian classical dance. Holder of the First Doctorate in Kathak classical dance, Director of advanced research in Kathak center At Sri Sri University, Cuttack



Indian String instrumentalist who has created patented guitars Chaturangui, Gandharva, and Anandi, which not only excel in sound variety and quality.


Ronu Majumdar is an Indian flutist in the Hindustani classical music tradition rooted in the Maihar Gharana. He won the first prize at the All India Radio competition and the president’s Gold medal in 1981. He has more than 30 audio releases to his credit. He won the prestigious Aditya Vikram Birla Award in 1999 for his dedication to music. Sahara India Pariwar felicitated him with a lifetime achievement award on the occasion of Jyoti Diwas 2001. In 2014 he won the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi award.

Hindustani vocal

Jayateerth Mevundi (born 1972) is a Hindustani classical vocalist of the Kirana Gharana, a young maestro awardee

Carnatic vocal

Foremost young performing musicians of Carnatic music in India today. He is an 'A' grade All India Radio artist. The magazine India Today featured him among 35 Game Changers Under (the age of) 35 in India


Indian classical dancer and teacher of Odissi dancing style, of 'Srjan' (Odissi Nrityabasa)


Indian Kuchipudi dancer and actress. Founder, Nishrinkala Dance Academy


India's foremost Performing-Academician, ingenious choreographer, erudite author, scholar, and researcher, Dancer, Research Scholar, Choreographer, Music Composer, Singer, Teacher, Author, and Indologist, Director- Nrityodaya.


Indian actress and Kathak dancer was appointed as the Kathak ambassador by the Government of India 2015


Harikatha exponent, Sharat is also a trained Kathak dancer and a Carnatic vocalist

Carnatic Percussion

Carnatic musican and exponent of Mridangam, has performed with emminent Carnatic Musicians. He is a prominent Guru and performing artist. He has directed and performed exclusive percussion ensembles and solos that bring together a variety of percussion instruments.



Guru Smt Bhagyashree Satthish is an accomplished Bharathanatyam & Mohiniyattam dancer, a versatile choreographer, and a dedicated teacher. She has performed all over India and also in Sweden, Germany, London, Canada & USA and holds the title Natya Mayuri conferred to her by none other than Smt Vyjayathimala Bali. She was awarded Bharatha Muni by Dr. Dhananjayans and Bala Rathna by the renowned Bala Peetam

Thumri singer

Faculty for Thumri Vocal Music with Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra, New Delhi, visiting faculty with Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata, an external examinee for Delhi University


Tribhuwan Maharaj is a young dancer, music composer, and dance choreographer. He represents the ninth generation in the lineage of the legendary Kalka-Bindadin Gharana of Lucknow

Light Vocal

Richa Sharma is an Indian film playback singer as well as a devotional singer


Nagaraju Talluri is a preeminent Flautist, who is very unique in his capabilities of playing flute starting at the age of 10.


Troilee & Moisilee are the two young Sarod players of Senia-Maihar Gharana

Hindustani vocal

Swar is the grandson and disciple of Padma Vibhushan Pandit Jasraj ji, making him the 7th generation of Mewati Gharana.

Carnatic Vocal

Two of the most popular Carnatic musicians from the younger generation. Smt S. Aishwarya was fortunate to be initiated into music by her great grandmother Bharat Ratna M.S Subbulakshmi ji and Grand mother of Radha Vishwanath. S. Soundarya The sisters draw inspiration from their legacy but also maintain their own musical individuality.

Carnatic Percussion

Sarvesh Karthick is a skillful artist, exhibiting his skills on varied percussion instruments and musical gadgets. His creative ideas, intensive traditional training on the Mridangam make a sharp mind.


Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi dancer, an exceptional Nattuvanar, and a unique choreographer


Award-winning dancer, Assistant professor, Sri Sri University


Garba dancers, Founders- Soni’s School of Garba Dance

Jhankriti Ke Sarathi

Pandit Vijayshankar Mishra is the Indian tabla Maestro, A veteran writer and a musicologist, belongs to long lineage of Tabla players of the Banaras Gharana

Kumud Diwan is a semi-classical vocalist, an established and acclaimed exponent of Thumri.

Sh. Ajay ji is the foremost disciple of Padamshri Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and is a Mohan Veena instrumentalist

Sh. Abhay ji is an Indian Santoor player, music composer and conductor.

Pt. Chetan Joshi is one of the senior most flutists of Indian Classical Music. Playing three and a half octaves using single flute, is a unique style developed by him, which has got him mentioned in many research papers. He is a senior disciple of world famous flutist late Pt. Raghunath Seth. He has also learnt from famous vocalist Late Acharya Jagadish and great flutist Late Pt. Bhola Nath Prasanna. At present he is receiving guidance from Padmashri Pt. Ajoy Chakravorty.

Jhankriti 2019

The success of the Jhankriti Live event which happened in the Nation’s Capital at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts and Culture for the Delhi NCR region in 2019 with more than 500 participants. This event provided a platform for all young students of classical music and dance, from all over Delhi NCR to showcase their talents and interact with the Great Maestros of Indian Arts.

Jhankriti 2019

The success of the Jhankriti Live event which happened in the Nation’s Capital at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts and Culture for the Delhi NCR region in 2019 with more than 500 participants has led to the birth of Jhankriti 2022- an Online event that will become an exclusive one of its kind virtual event all over India. This event provided a platform for all young students of classical music and dance, from all over Delhi NCR to showcase their talents and interact with the Great Maestros of Indian Arts. Jhankriti Live gained support from the artists and reputed institutes like Kathak Kendra Delhi, Faculty of music-Delhi university, Sangeet Natak Academy, Triveni Kala Sangam, Shri Ram Centre for Arts and Culture, Gandharva Maha Vidyalaya, Ganesh Natayala, AICTE, Sa Ma Pa and many more.

About World Forum for Art and Culture

World Forum for Art and Culture has been founded by those who want to see a world united through art. Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s vision of a stress-free, violence-free society & to spread a smile on every face, World Forum for Art and Culture was founded in September 2020. Instituted under the umbrella of the global NGO, The Art of Living, WFAC aims to bring people of different cultures, religions, and nationalities together with art performed on massive scales. A mega example includes the 2016 World Culture Festival where thousands of artists from all over the world brought millions together to celebrate and dream for a more peaceful co-existence. The Art of Living’s efforts to bring artists together through the World Culture Forum is one of its many initiatives to uplift human life and make life a celebration. Keeping the same motto in mind we launched Artist Circle an initiative by the artists, of the artists, and for the artists. A global platform to perform, preserve, and promote global Art and Cultural forms!

Other initiatives are Kala Arpan- a celebration of the classical and folk art forms.