World Forum for Art and Culture

2.8 million+ artists • 156 countries • 12 Guinness World Records • 2 World Culture Festivals • Vision of a one-world family

2.8 million+ artists

156 countries

12 Guinness World Records

2 world culture festivals

1 vision of a one-world family

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A million artists for change

Spread love & joy. Raise funds for social causes. Change the world with your art


Perform live with other talented artists. Our live performances in the past have brought different communities together, raised funds for social causes, and sent out the message of a one-world family. Join in and we promise you a memorable experience.


Be it with folk performances hidden in the pages of history or new-age artforms, spread the joy with your unique passion. Create performances with us for the online world.


Share the love for your art form with others while financially empowering yourself. Join the greater initiative of preserving the legacy of your art form. Share your passion, change your life, and change the world with one student, one class at a time.

Learn a new art form online

We are offering three-month foundational courses in a variety of dance forms, vocals, and musical instruments. Our courses are special because they offer a holistic approach to learning art forms. In other words, the courses will not only teach you a new art form but help nurture the mind-body connection as well. You will learn about your chosen art from the perspective of poetic ancient scriptures, too. You can join in if you are ages 6 and above.




Be a part of one-world family

The World Forum for Culture & Arts has been founded by those who want to see a world united through art. It has been conceived by The Art of Living, an organization that has brought people of different cultures, religions, and nationalities together with art performed on massive scales. A recent example includes the 2016 World Culture Festival where thousands of artists from all over the world brought millions together to celebrate and dream for a more peaceful co-existence. The Art of Living’s efforts to bring artists together through the World Culture Forum is one of its many initiatives to uplift human life and make life a celebration. Some of the other initiatives include conducting stress-relief programs, reviving rivers, providing free education, and empowering farmers – causes which you can support with your art.

Our past events

Our past performances include massive-scale culture events to enchanting dance dramas.

World Culture Festival, 2016

Guinness World Record - 1075 Sitarists perform together

World Culture Festival 2011, Berlin

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Artists share their experiences

“It was an honor to perform Kathak under the guidance of Pandit Birju Maharaj and team. So grateful for this opportunity when you find an audience of more than 2.5 lakh applauding you.”
Manita Gauba, 38
“It was like a dream to perform on that magnificent floating stage, in front of such a mammoth audience. I was a part of Cosmic Rythym - a yoga dance, at the World Culture Festival 2016. There were many hitches before going in for the finale. But, in the finale, it was perfect.”
Jayashree Prabhakar, 50
“We had started practicing ahead of the grand event. The entire Gujarat team was preparing for traditional Garba. It was a visual treat to see 1500 Garba dancers performing together. The performance was received with a standing ovation. I loved it.”
Ronak Pala, 32