Kathak Abhinaya - Intensive Course

A master course in Kathak with Dr. Piyush Raj, Sunil Sunkara, Gayatri Bhat

About instructor

Sunil Sunkara

A Kathak exponent with Nritya Nipun from Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapith, Lucknow and MA (Dance) from Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Volunteering at The Art of Living, He ha...

Dr. Piyush Raj

Dr. Piyush Raj is the Founder- Director of Natanam Studio and a Kathak artiste/ performer.

Gayatri Bhat

Kathak Alankar, Performer, trainer and the Artistic Director of Padanyas Kathak Institute
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Course overview

Extensive Kathak learning, grasping intensive knowledge of the dance form.  Learn the techniques, Vocabulary, and Abinaya for advanced level in Kathak

Course Details
  • This course is for trained Kathak dancers (atleast 4 years of training)
  • Access valid for 6 months ( from the date of purchase )
  • Total number of lessons: 9
Curriculum for this course
9 Lessons
1 Lessons
  • Episode - Introduction


Kathak Abhinaya
8 Lessons
  • Episode 1

    Krishna Vandana by Sunil Sunkara

  • Episode 2

    Shiv Drupad by Sunil Sunkara

  • Episode 3

    Continuation of Shiv Drupad by Sunil Sunkara

  • Episode 4

    Kavitts by Gayatri Bhat

  • Episode 5

    Kavitts by Gayatri Bhat

  • Episode 6

    Kavitts by Gayatri Bhat

  • Episode 7

    Vasant Raas by Piyush Raj

  • Episode 8

    Niratata Dhang Ashtapadi by Piyush Raj

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  • 9 Lessons