Flute For Beginners - Part 2

Learn Swar Sadhana, Alankaras, Teentaal, Alankaras in Teentaal, Octave, Komal Swaras

Instructed by Dr. Aakash Thakkar
About instructor

Dr. Aakash Thakkar

Dr. Aakash Thakkar is currently Head Faculty at The Wind Instrument Department, World Forum for Art and Culture.

Dr. Aakash Thakkar is a young dynamic Hindustani Classical Flautist, Composer, and Ayurvedic Vaidya by profession. He is a mentor to many students across India and Abroad.  He has ...
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Course overview

This course covers advanced Alankars and introduces the student to the concept of Rhythm and Raga, which when fused together creates the magic of soulful Hindustani Classical Music. To start the journey of Ragas, you will be introduced to Raga Bhoopali and its various elements. 

Course Details
  • Instructor: Dr. Aakash Thakkar
  • Total number of of lessons- 4
  • Access valid for 6 months ( from the date of purchase )
  • This course is designed to build the foundation in Flute
Curriculum for this course
4 Lessons
4 Lessons
  • Episode 1- Swar Sadhana

    Swar Sadhana, Alankaras

  • Episode 2- Terminology of Flute, and introduction to Teentaal

    Rhthym, Terminology of Flute, Teentaal

  • Episode 3- Alankaras

    Alankaras in Teentaal, Continuation of remaining alankaras

  • Episode 4- Octave, Komal Swaras

    Octave, Komal Swaras, Alankaras

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