Natyashastric Music Tradition For Beginners

A foundation course by Piyal Bhattacharya in Natyashastric music tradition. Understanding ancient to modern music and the instruments, demonstration of musical instruments, the journey of music

Instructed by Piyal Bhattacharya
About instructor

Piyal Bhattacharya

A researcher of Natyashastra, Kalamandalam Piyal Bhattacharya, for the last 15 years have been working on the practical reconstruction of Bharata's dance and music tradition of Nat...
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Course overview

Discover ancient to modern music, understand different instruments, and experience a journey of the evolution of music in this foundational course in Natyashastric music tradition under the guidance of the renowned Natyashastra researcher, Piyal Bhattacharya.

For the last 15 years, Piyal has dedicated his research to the practical reconstruction of Bharat’s dance and music tradition of the Natyashastraic period. His research aims to revive the long-lost performance tradition of Natyashastra in its totality.
He has gone through a long journey to reconstruct the musical system of Bharata's music tradition, learning various instruments like Saraswati Veena, Pakhawaj, Pung Achoba, Miravu, and Dhrupad, and Rudra Veena of Dagar Gharana.
For his contributions to the field of music, he has received many fellowships and grants.
He is now sharing all his experience and knowledge in this self-paced course with you.

Who is this ideal for:
For those enthusiastic about the rich history of Indian music and its evolution.

Number of Sessions: 10

Ep 1: Introduction

Ep 2: Instruments of Bharata

Ep 3: Tuning of Sajda Grama

Ep 4: Tuning of Madhyama Grama

Ep 5: Playing technique in Kacchapi

Ep 6: Murchhanna in various instruments

Ep 7: Taan in Gaandharva 1

Ep 8: Taan in Gaandharva 2

Ep 9: Alamkara in Rudra Veena

Ep 10: Jaati Gayan

Course Details
  • This course is for beginners
  • Total number of lessons: 10
  • Access valid for 6 months ( from the date of purchase )
  • Interest in Music
Curriculum for this course
10 Lessons
Course Details
10 Lessons
  • Episode 1


  • Episode 2

    Instruments of Bharata

  • Episode 3

    Tuning of Sajda Grama

  • Episode 4

    Tuning of Madhyama Grama

  • Episode 5

    Playing technique in Kacchapi

  • Episode 6

    Murchhanna in various instruments

  • Episode 7

    Taan in Gaandharva 1

  • Episode 8

    Taan in Gaandharva 2

  • Episode 9

    Alamkara in Rudra Veena

  • Episode 10

    Jaati Gayan

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