Online Masterclass In Sampoorna Ramayan

The most popular episodes of the Ramayan taught in the well-known format of Kathak dance, through the Kathakathan tradition of Kusilavas.

This unique master class is open to one and all. No prior dance experience is needed.

Sampoorna Ramayan

A unique online, self-paced masterclass to assist the simultaneous learning of both Kathak as well as the beautiful literature from the Ramayan. 

About the course

Luv and Kush, the twin sons of Lord Rama sang and danced the Ramayan and since then travelling storytellers have become a part of the cultural fabric of India. Many Indians spent their childhoods glued to the television set come Sunday morning in order to watch the Ramayan. Now, after more than 50 years of research, Dr Puru Dadech has carefully reconstructed the dance of the Kushilavas within the Kathak format. Based on Sri Tulsidas’ Ramcharitramanas, students will learn to presented the entire Ramayan in an abridged dance format. This special course is open to anyone who is interested in dance. No prior experience in dance is required!

Course Overview

  1. With the blessings of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar, WFAC launches a unique, never before done, self-paced online Kathak course on the Kathakathan ‘Sampoorna Ramayan’ conducted by Shastracharya Dr Puru Dadheech and eminent danseuse Dr Vibha Dadheech.
  2. The simultaneous learning of both Kathak as well as the beautiful literature from the Ramayan.
  3. Self-paced, pre-recorded classes that aids learning at one’s own pace and can be revisited as many times as one wishes.
  4. Participants will receive a 1.5-hour long original, studio recording of the music track at the end of the course.
Know Your Teacher

Dr Puru Dadheech

Dr. Puru Dadheech is a well-known choreographer and educator of Indian classical dance, well known for his pioneering work in the field of Kathak. A pioneer in online Kathak teaching, he has spent his lifetime reviving and teaching a number of ancient traditions of Kathak which he distills into unique course modules. He is a Padmashree awardee, Sangeet Natak Academy awardee and the current director of the Sri Sri Centre for Advanced Research in Kathak, Sri Sri University, India.

Course details

Duration: 6 months

No of classes: 24 classes

Medium of Instruction: Hindi

Workshop will begin after 15th June


New video release every Sunday


Dr. Puru Dadheech

Assisted by:

Dr. Vibha Dadheech

Harshita Sharma-Dadheech

Fees per month:

National: Rs.2500/-

International – US$ 75

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