Practical Sanskrit for Everyone - Level 1

About the course

Sanskrit is the Deva Bhasha – the language of Divinity. There is a great treasure of wisdom of ancient Bharath in this Divine language. Sanskrit is considered a language of vibrations – the sound, meaning, and its feeling come together to give it beauty & richness. Although there are many good translations of the ancient texts, chanting and understanding the ancient texts in original Sanskrit is totally different experience that adds another dimension to the ancient wisdom. Practical Sanskrit for Everyone is a series of modules designed to learn Sanskrit in a simple, uncomplicated & interesting way.

Course Description

Builds a solid foundation in Sanskrit Varnamala, Phonetics, Classification and Reading & accurate Pronunciation of Samskritam.

What will you learn in this module:

  • Origin & Rishis of Samskritam Language & Grammar
  • Samskrita Varnamala
  • Anatomy & origin of phonetics
  • Classification of all the sounds
  • How to pronounce Sanskrit phonetics accurately
  • How to avoid commonly made mistakes in Chanting

Course details

No: of sessions : 3

Duration: 1.5 hrs each

Minimum age requirement: 10 yrs

Teacher: Prathibha & Prasad

Days: 24th – 26th September

6.30 pm -8.00 pm IST


National: Rs.1500/-

International – US$ 30

One time payment

Know Your Teachers

Prathibha & Prasad

Prathibha comes from a family of Vedic & Sanskrit scholars. She holds a degree in Sanskrit and Computer Science. She has been teaching Sanskrit Chanting for over 25 years. Prasad is a telecommunications engineer by qualification and worked in the wireless industry. He has keen interest in Sanskrit & the ancient Vedic Tradition. He teaches in a simple, interesting & easy to understand manner. They both are teachers from Art of Living having taught courses in India, Europe, USA & Canada. They teach programs on Vedic Wisdom, Sanskrit Language & Chanting classes. They also teach Sahaj Samadhi Meditation & Happiness Program.

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