Online Foundation Course In Carnatic Vocals

Learn the basics of Carnatic vocals in a self-paced, three-month course

Introduction to Carnatic Vocals

Deriving its name from the Sanskrit term Karnâtaka Sangîtam which denotes ‘traditional’ or ‘codified’ music, Carnatic music evolved in the southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. Made up of a system of Ragam (Raga) and Thalam (Tala), the Carnatic music is oriented to the voice. It has a variety of improvisations such as Alapana, Niraval, Kalpnaswaram, and Ragam Thana Pallavi

About the course

You will learn the basics of Carnatic classical music and the fundamentals of this art form. You will also learn the Sarali Varase, the lessons for beginners, introduction to Saptswaras, ragas, the Mayamalavagowla, and Adi tala.


The self-paced, three-month course is designed to teach you the nuances of this unique singing style. You will have access to:

  • 16 recorded sessions
  • 10 practice videos

Level: Beginner


  • A practical experience of learning Carnatic classical music 
  • A short piece using the basics of the Carnatic principles 
  • An amalgamation of exercises to open the vocal cords
  • A certificate of completion

Know your teacher

Srinivas & Shalini

The couple is known for their electrifying devotional melodies in The Art of Living circle. Their compositions have been included in popular music albums of The Art of Living.

Born in a family of musicians, Srinivas started singing Carnatic classical since his childhood days under the guidance of Guru A Rukhmini. He later mastered Hindustani Classical from Guru Sri Subramaniam Pottaiy. Shalini has learned Carnatic classical singing from notable teachers, Prof. V Ramaratnam and Smt. H.S. Mahalaxmi. 

Srinivas and Shalini have been performing on All India Radio (AIR). Srinivas has released several hundreds of music albums and worked in the South Indian music industry. He has also directed many musical ballets for legendary dancers. Shalini has also performed on Doordarshan. 

Artists share their experiences

“It was an honor to perform Kathak under the guidance of Pandit Birju Maharaj and team. So grateful for this opportunity when you find an audience of more than 2.5 lakh applauding you.”
Manita Gauba, 38
“It was like a dream to perform on that magnificent floating stage, in front of such a mammoth audience. I was a part of Cosmic Rythym - a yoga dance, at the World Culture Festival 2016. There were many hitches before going in for the finale. But, in the finale, it was perfect.”
Jayashree Prabhakar, 50
“We had started practicing ahead of the grand event. The entire Gujarat team was preparing for traditional Garba. It was a visual treat to see 1500 Garba dancers performing together. The performance was received with a standing ovation. I loved it.”
Ronak Pala, 32