Ikshana- Intensive Course on South Indian Folk Dance

About the course

Learn, Appreciate and Understand South Indian Folk Dance. Assignments and Paper submissions are part of the course. An optional assessment for both theory and practical is offered at the end of the course. Certification will be provided by WFAC.

Materials Required

Reference Materials will be Provided


Course content:

India is the cradle of civilization giving birth to innumerable folk dances spread across the country. Each is so unique that makes our cultural tapestry so rich and vibrant. Over the years with on slot of globalization they have been misused and misrepresented, and dangerously on the brink of extinction. The course is designed for cultural enthusiasts for people from all walks of life who like to broaden their perspective of the Indian folk genre. It aims to broaden the understanding of its origin; appreciate the rich history, representation and value of folk dances. Through the exposure to theoretical inputs and practical presentation of authentic folk dance forms. This edition of the course will focus on South Indian folk dances only.


  1. A panoramic perspective on Indian traditional, ritualistic and folk forms.
  2. Folklore – words of the unlettered people.
  3. Role of faith- beliefs, religion, caste, occult, and spirituality.
  4. Analyzing the folk milieu.
  5. Brief introduction to symbolism and iconography


Learn to perform two unique folk dances from southern India. Gain in-depth knowledge in both the dances on the following:

  • Origin
  • Prospects
  • Costumes
  • Properties
  • Instruments
  • Music

Course details

Duration: 2 hrs / session

No of sessions: 10

Medium of Instruction: English

Prerequisites: Above 16 years. It will be for connoisseurs, performer,s and researchers who wish to delve deeper into the understanding of traditional, ritualistic, and folk dance forms of southern India

Dates of Program: From 19th Sept – 28th Nov

Teacher: Sneha Kappanna (Guest Faculty and Traditional Masters will also be featured)

Days: Sundays

Timings: 3.00 pm – 5.00 pm IST

Fees: One time

National: Rs.7000/-

International – US$ 250

Early Bird Offer till 9th Sept

National: Rs.6000/-

International – US$ 200

Know Your Teacher

Sneha Kappanna

Sneha Kappanna belongs to a genre of creative minds bridging the nuances of tradition, theatre, dance, and culture. She is a pioneer, in being the first woman to learn several dying folk dances of Karnataka which was reserved for men. She has researched, documented, revived several folk dances, and passes it selflessly to the next generations. She is a Bharatnatyam exponent, actor, celebrated storyteller, folk-dance expert, researcher, and acclaimed choreographer. Sneha is the Founder Director of ‘Bhramari Dance Repertoire’ which has completed over 600 shows. The troupe won accolades for performances at New Delhi, Haryana, Faridabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Chennai, Odisa and Mumbai. She has choreographed over 30 thematic dance productions. Bhramari’s landmark show “Swagatha Suswagatha” was produced by the Department of Tourism, Govt. of Karnataka.

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