Bhangra For Beginners

A foundation course in Bhangra - A traditional dance form from Punjab

Instructed by Gurpreet Singh Kalsi
About instructor

Gurpreet Singh Kalsi

This is Gurpreet Singh Kalsi from Mumbai. I am a Professional Bhangra Dancer and Instructor. Doing Dance for 15 years. Have Performed in many reality shows and have covered 80% of ...
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Course overview

Learn the basics of Punjabi Bhangra folk dance from Gurmeet Singh Kalsi. This introductory Bhangra course covers hand motions, jumps, leg movements, and energy. Bhangra is a fusion of five traditional dance styles: Luddi, Sammi, Jhummar, Dhamaal, and Gham Luddi.

Gurmeet Singh Kalsi has been a Professional Bhangra Dancer and Instructor for 15 years. He owns Mumbai’s only Bhangra Team, Team BTLB (Bhangra Till Last Breath). He has performed in many reality shows, corporate events, and dance shows across India.

Who is this ideal for:
For beginners looking to build a strong foundation in Bhangra or a connection with the Punjabi culture.

No of Sessions: 3

Ep 1. Basic steps like Single Dhammal, Kohra
Ep 2. Intermediate steps like Phul Punjab, Fasla, Chaffa
Ep 3. Advanced-learn Jhummar

Course Details
  • This course is for beginners
  • Start every step form left
  • Access valid for 6 months ( from the date of purchase )
  • Total number of of lessons- 3
  • Smile till the last beat
  • Wear comfortable clothes
Curriculum for this course
3 Lessons
1 Lessons
  • Bhangra | WFAC Self-Paced Course

    Bhangra Basics

Choreography and Conclusion
2 Lessons
  • Time to learn a choreography
  • Ace the Bhangra Beats
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