Welcome to the flute for the beginners course!

This course is designed for beginners who are interested in learning how to play this beautiful and versatile musical instrument. Throughout this course, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of flute playing and gradually build your skills and techniques.

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  • Episode 1 –Introduction.
  • Episode 2 –Exercise of producing the sound through pen cap, Position of the fingers, placement of the flute while playing, Decoding the notes
  • Episode 3 –Pitch/Shrutis, Understanding Frequency, Decoding the Swaras, First Alankara
  • Episode 4 –Understanding the Thaat system, metronome
  • Episode 5 –Swar Sadhana, Alankaras
  • Episode 6 –Rhthyms, Terminology of Flute, Teentaal
  • Episode 7 – Alankaras in Teentaal, Continuation of remaining Alankaras
  • Episode 8 – Octave, Komal Swaras, Alankaras
    • Episode 9 –Swar Sadhana, Understanding a bandish, Jhaala, Tihai
    • Episode 10 –Different sizes of Bansuri and how to play them, Revision
    • Episode 11 –Advanced level, Understanding Raags
    • Episode 12 – Understanding Raag Durga
    • Episode 13 –Raag Durga Composition
    • Episode 14 –Revision, Continuation of Raag Durga Composition
    • Episode 15 -Concept of steadiness, Aalap
    • Episode 16 –Conclusion

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