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The traditional dance form from Assam! This course is designed for beginners who are interested in exploring the graceful and devotional art of Sattriya. Through this course, you will learn the fundamental techniques, expressions, and movements of this beautiful dance form.

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  • Episode 1-History of Sattriya, it’s origin and traditions
  • Episode 2-Basics movements, postures and ang along with names and meanings
  • Episode 3-Hand movements, foot movements, Combination of hand and foot movement
  • Episode 4-The logic behind the movements, eye and head coordination
  • Episode 5-Movements for Prakriti based dance or Decorated movements
  • Episode 6-Names of the movements
  • Episode 7-Revision of footwork, with examples for usage in Sattriya
  • Episode 8-Importance of body and correct body movements
  • Episode 9- Repertoire of Sattriya
  • Episode 10 –Format of Sattriya dance, and instruments
  • Episode 11- Dance item of Sattriya
  • Episode 12- Bol of the music and Conclusion

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