Pipeline Research Projects

Addressing Gaps in Indic Knowledge Dissemination in Art and Culture

In the realm of Art and Culture, the proper and comprehensive dissemination of Indic Knowledge faces two significant challenges. Firstly, English translations often carry a Western colonial perspective, and secondly, English being the predominant language limits accessibility, as only a few possess proficiency in both English and Sanskrit. This situation underscores the pressing need for compiling and generating new treatises in the field of art and culture. These treatises should distill the philosophical insights and visions spanning the last 5000 years – from the Vedic era to the present – and present them as invaluable guiding resources for future generations.

WFAC’s Contributions

WFAC has played a pivotal role in supporting the noteworthy work of the late Pt. Birju Maharaj on Saṅgīta-darpaṇa. Furthermore, we are extending our support to Sangita Maalika, a distinctive medieval treatise on dance and music. This treatise is being translated by Gayathri Indavara and Gauri Telang, complemented by research assistance from Sunil Sunkara. The ongoing translation project is being facilitated by the Sangeet Natak Akademi Publications department.

Saṅgīta-darpaṇa: Bridging Theory and Practice

Saṅgīta-darpaṇa, a posthumous contribution by the late Pt. Birju Maharaj, is a precious offering to the world of art, particularly Kathak. Pt. Birju Maharaj considered it his sacred duty to unveil the knowledge legacy entrusted by his forebears. This exceptional treatise on music and dance, preserved by his ancestors for generations, is now accessible with the original Sanskrit text, editorial annotations, and translations in English and Hindi. This work stands as a vital bridge connecting theoretical insights with practical application.

Pioneering the Next Millennia of Knowledge

In his keynote speech at Sri Sri University, Odisha, in 2022, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar highlighted the necessity for academics and universities to envision knowledge and systems for the next 2000 years, rather than just the next few centuries. Guided by this principle, WFAC’s research-oriented initiatives aim to redefine the trajectory of knowledge production. Some of the projects lined up over the forthcoming five years include:

Research Journal Projects

WFAC is diligently working on an online journal/imprint that focuses on art and culture. This journal will offer a blend of features catering to the general public while incorporating research-based articles pertinent to the fields of art, dance, music, and culture. A premier team of capable researchers, experts, and skilled writers is being assembled to ensure the effective dissemination of authentic information.

Preservation through Translation

i) A comprehensive compilation of all dance-related aspects from medieval treatises, presented alongside critical analyses and translations in English and Hindi. Notably, this project includes the Bharatkosha, a concealed treasure among Indian treatises. Compiled by Ramakrishna Kavi, the Bharatkosha is a remarkable feat of memorization and synthesis.

ii) The groundbreaking translation of Abhinavabharti into English, accompanied by critiques and explanations. This project represents a historical milestone, as it tackles a task hitherto unattempted.

Preservation of Folk and Tribal Art

Empowering Folk and Tribal Art

WFAC’s commitment extends to the preservation and promotion of Folk Arts through:

  1. Crafting video content to disseminate knowledge about folk and tribal art forms, including Dimsa, Karakattam, Terataali, and more.
  2. Offering fellowships or scholarships to provide support for marginalized artists.
  3. Conducting free appreciation and immersion workshops to bolster the documentation and awareness of these diverse art forms.