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    Naama Ramayana

    “Ra” in Sanskrit means “That which is Radiant” and “Ma” stands for “Myself”. That which shines forth within me is Rama. That which is radiant in every particle of the Being is Rama. 

    ~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar

    In WFAC’s Naama Ramayana, 108 performers brought to life 108 names of Lord Rama depicting 6 Kaandas from the Ramayana in celebration of Diwali 2022 using 4 dance forms.

    Meera the Musical

    Meera the Musical (2019) tells the courageous life story of the great pioneer Meera Bai.

    It is a 90-minute musical brought together over 10 different art forms with above 300 artists performing on the same stage. The musical highlights on women’s empowerment and showcases how despite facing several challenges, Meera Bai emerged as a revered icon for devotion with a huge following wherever she went.

    Meera the Musical brought together artists from the Art of Living free schools and showcases the rare songs of Krishna and Meera.

    Meera the Musical was also Broadcasted by Doordarshan in the beginning of Lockdown.

    A few productions and big events

    Indian Folk Dances (2022)

    Nandana – Stories of Sri Krishna

    NavaDurga (2021)

    Guru Poornima (2021) 

    Around the World (2021) 

    The Year of Hope (2020) 

    One Forum. Diverse Cultures and Artists

    First-ever Global Stage celebrating diversity. To bring together humanity through the performing arts

    For four long decades, The Art of Living has brought together millions from across the globe in celebration of traditional art and art forms through several grandiose events. To further build on Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji’s vision of a ‘One World Family’, the organisation is launching the first of its kind World Forum for Art and Culture (WFAC), a cultural wing that will allow global artists to come together to create historic art through collaborations, and also provide an open platform for teaching and learning traditional art forms from across the globe. As the idea takes shape , the WFAC will strive to become a resource centre for academic research projects on art forms, to preserve the magnanimous reservoir of cultural heritage that has been passed on to the modern world through generations before.

    To allow the reach of these cultural nuggets to be as wide as possible, WFAC is offering both online live classes with ace teachers, and self-paced classes to fit in with busy schedules. Our programs have received mentorship and guidance from the doyens of classical art forms in India and abroad, converging for the first time together on such a large scale.

    Over the years, many, many artists have chosen to perform on The Art of Living stages, and for the first time through WFAC, these artists would be able to connect, collaborate and create magic, all coordinated through the WFAC team.

    And this is just the beginning!