India’s Biggest Virtual Performing Arts Competition 

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Last date to register 31st July 2024

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About Jhankriti

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The pursuit of discovering and nurturing talent by the World Forum for Art and Culture finds its splendid manifestation in a delightful art festival named – झंKriti (a fusion of “Jhankaar” and “Sanskriti”). While resembling a competition, it is more profoundly a celebration – a celebration of the myriad Indian classical art forms!

Jhankriti 2024 stands poised as a magnificent ode to Indian art and culture, a stage that echoes the Art of Living’s noble endeavor to foster cultural diversity and unity through artistic expression.

 Jhankriti 2024 offers a distinctive platform for budding artists, performers, and culture enthusiasts worldwide to display their talents, traditions, and creative flair. Our goal is to nurture and applaud emerging talents, providing avenues for their professional growth and interactions with the stalwarts of Indian arts.

Through Jhankriti, WFAC endeavors to craft a vibrant, empathetic, and inclusive arena where artists can submerge themselves in the tapestry of global cultures.

Why Jhankriti ?

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Ease of participation

  • Registration is FREE
  • No logistics limitations (no time constraint, travel costs involved)
  • No compromise on an academic schedule
  • Your pre-recorded can be submitted for entry round


  • Learn to present your art form Digitally
  • Chance to preserve & promote the tradition and culture of India
  • Interact with the legends of Indian Performing Arts


  • Chance to perform in front of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji and the finest artists of India
  • A global platform to showcase their talent
  • Content will be timeless
  • Earn a certificate of participation


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Vocal (Solo)

1. Hindustani
2. Carnatic

Vocal (Group)

(Devotional, Light/Semi-Classical, Folk)

Classical Dance (Solo)

1. Bharatanatyam
2. Kathak
3. Odissi
4. Kuchipudi
5. Mohiniattam
6. Chhau
7. Kathakali
8. Sattriya
9. Manipur

Folk Dance (Group)
(North, South, East, West, North East, Central India)
Instrumental (Solo)

1. Wind
2. Percussion
3. String


1. Ek Paatri – Solo
2. Group

Age groups: Below 12 years, 12 to 16 years, and 17 to 21 years (age as of may 2024)

Win Prizes

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As a Jhankriti participant and Winner, you will be entitled to an array of exciting rewards and benefits that will further enhance your skills, provide valuable experiences, and propel your career to new heights. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey like no other!

As Jhankriti Participants 

Certificate of Participation: All participants who take part in Jhankriti 2024 with a valid entry will get a certificate of participation from WFAC

Exclusive pass to Bhaav 2025: India’s Biggest Cultural Conference: Immerse yourself in a three-day cultural extravaganza at Bhaav 2025, India’s most prominent cultural conference. Immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere, witness breathtaking performances, and connect with artists, art patrons, and art enthusiasts from across the country at Art of Living International Center Bengaluru India (Accommodation & Meals at Exclusive Discount)

Yoga and Meditation Sessions: Enhance your physical and mental well-being through exclusive Yoga and Meditation sessions by the Art of Living designed to increase stamina, improve focus, and promote overall wellness, enabling you to excel in your craft.

Exclusive Prizes as a Jhankriti Semi-finalist and Finalist

Performance Opportunity: Showcase your talent on a grand stage! During the prize distribution ceremony at the prestigious Art of Living Center in Bengaluru, you will have the honor of performing in front of a live audience of more than 25,000 people. Furthermore, your performance will be broadcast to a massive online audience, reaching over 500 million viewers worldwide. This exposure will provide a significant boost to your career and help you gain widespread recognition.

Mentoring and Meeting the Maestros Jury: Gain invaluable insights and guidance from the industry’s experts and maestros. You will have the opportunity to interact with the esteemed jury members of Jhankriti 2024 through webinars and also watch them perform live in BHAAV 2025, who will share their expertise and provide mentorship to nurture your talent further.

Exclusive Jhankriti Prizes for Winners

Cash Prizes: Jhankriti 2024 believes in recognizing and rewarding outstanding talent. As a winner, you will receive substantial cash prizes, acknowledging your exceptional skills and hard work. These prizes will serve as a token of appreciation and can be utilized to further your artistic pursuits.

Gifts and Goodie Bags: you will receive special gifts and goodie bags during Bhaav 2025.

Prepare yourself to embrace an extraordinary journey filled with opportunities for growth, recognition, and personal development. Jhankriti 2024 aims to provide you with a platform to showcase your talent to the world and take your passion to new heights.

Jhankriti Jury

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Jhankriti 2023

Jhankriti 2023 was The Second Edition of the Virtual Online Competition of Performing Arts, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture Govt of India. The Festival of Jhankriti celebrated three fields of Art:

  1. Gayan (classical/semi-classical vocal)
  2.  Vadan (instrumental/percussion)
  3.  Nritya (classical dance forms)
  4. Natya (Indian Theater)

It was structured for three broad age groups: below 12 years, 12 to 16 years, and 17 to 21 years.


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