Award Nominations for the year 2024-25


Kala Sarathi – The charioteer of arts 
Age group  65 years  and above

Nominees (Artists) must be actively involved in propagating and promoting the art form for more than 25 years. Open to all deserving artists who have yet not received Sangeet Natak Academy Awards, Padma Awardees in the fields of Dance, Vocal, Instruments and Percussion, Theatre, Fine Arts, Visual Arts, Academic/Research Interest, Languages, Literature, Handicraft, others.


Kala Margi – The one who shows the path to Art
Age group – 50 to 65 years

This award is for those artists who have contributed immensely to the pedagogical development and authentic promotion of their chosen art form. Through their immense sadhana, creative contributions as well as hallmark style of teaching, they have made a mark on their field not just as an upholder of tradition but as someone who is a torchbearer of tradition.


Kala Srijak – The one who creates art
Age group – 35 to 50 years

This award is for those artists who not only have established themselves through their sadhana, but have gone on to make unique creative contributions to their chosen expression of art. They have expanded the boundaries of their art form through their unique creative approaches that while keeping within the framework of the artform, have brought forth hitertho unseen expressions


Kala Sadhak – The One Devoted to Art
Age group – 21 to 35 years

This award is for those practitioners of their art, who through their sadhana have made their mark as a young performer / artist par excellence. Their artistry should be a testament to their dedication, hardwork and sincerity.


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Nomination Guidelines 

Kindly Read all the rules and guidelines in given forms before submitting the Nominations

Self Nomination will not be considered

The last date to file the nomination is 31st July 2024

Awardees will be declared on 15th August 2024

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